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A lot is the basis for almost every production activities in ArcheWorld. Buildings, crops , livestock, etc. can be installed in the lot.
There are two types of lots: system-provided lot and private lot from ArcheWorld Land NFT.
There are five sizes of lots, and buildings that can be installed are different depending on the lot size. 
  • 16m x 16m / 16m x 24m / 24m x 32m / 32m x 36m / 44m x 44m

Leasing Contract

You can make a Leasing Contract by moving to the desired lot and interacting with the Signpost.

Leasing Contract can be made only when Leasing Authority Status is public, and the leasing period is 4 weeks. 
  • System-provided lot: A lot provided by the company and a contract can be made for up to one lot.
  • Private lot: A lot owned by the individual who has ArcheWorld Land NFT and a contract can be made according to the Leasing Authority Status. 
Leasing Contract Details
Available Any user can make a contract
Only users who own the Land NFT of the lot can make a contract
Unavailable Leasing Contract is due to expire
The lot is already under contract with another user

How to Search Lot

Enter the lot number in the [Search Land Location] menu on the bottom right of the Map(M) menu to see the location of the lot.  
The lot number is same as the Land NFT Properties ID. 

Enter the lot number(Land NFT Properties ID) in the search box.

The location of the land will be marked with red flag on the map and the light pillar will appear on the Signpost of the lot. 
  • Leasing Contract can be extended through the mail sent before the termination of the contract. 
  • Leasing Contract may not be extended depending on the Leasing Authority Status of the lot. 
  • Vegetations and buildings installed on the lot will be deleted at once when the contract is terminated.
  • The blueprint of demolished building will be returned to Blue Salt Brotherhood Returns, and you can retrieve the BSLT used for purchasing it. Installed furniture will be retrieved and sent to your mailbox.
  • However, decorative furniture won't be retrieved and will be destroyed.
  • Early termination of Leasing Contract is possible when you don't use the contracted lot. 
  • The information of lot will be destroyed and the blueprint will be returned same as the normal contract termination.


Purchasing Building Blueprint
You can purchase the blueprint of building at the Blue Salt Shop.
  • Please check the price of the blueprint at the in-game BSLT Shop.
Available Buildings by Size of Lot
Different types of buildings can be installed depending on the size of the lot. and the tier of the lot. Buildings that don't match the tier of the lot cannot be installed. 
  • ex) 'Blueprint: Small House Stylobate' cannot be installed on the STANDARD sized lot.
Classification Size Available Blueprints
STANDARD 16m x 16m Blueprint: Tent Stylobate
MEDIUM 16m x 24m Blueprint: Tent Stylobate
Blueprint: Small House Stylobate
LARGE 24m x 32m Blueprint: Tent Stylobate
Blueprint: Small House Stylobate
Blueprint: Medium House Stylobate
EXTRA LARGE 32m x 36m Blueprint: Tent Stylobate
Blueprint: Small House Stylobate
Blueprint: Medium House Stylobate
Blueprint: Large House Stylobate
MEGA 44m x 44m Blueprint: Tent Stylobate
Blueprint: Small House Stylobate
Blueprint: Medium House Stylobate
Blueprint: Large House Stylobate
Blueprint: Manor Stylobate
Building Installation
Purchased blueprint of the building can be installed on the lot you contracted. You can start the construction by changing the appearance of the building using the Remodeling function after the installation of stylobate. 
1. Place the blueprint item on the contracted lot. 

2. Check the list of buildings that can be changed on the Building Information > Remodel.

Choose the building you want to install and confirm the building remodeling.
(You can rotate the building using the mouse wheel.)

3. Check the required materials on the Building Info and proceed the installation in the proper order to finish the installation.

Returning the Blueprint
You can receive the BSLT used for purchasing the blueprint from the Blue Salt Brotherhood NPC at the community center. 
The blueprint of demolished building will be returned and BSLT will be retrieved automatically.

Public Farm

Public Farm is a space where anyone can plant, whether they own a lot or not. 
You can check the location of the Public Farm on the map(M) and there are usually several public farms in each region.
A character can plant up to three vegetations in order to prevent monopolization of the Public Farm, and the installed vegetations are protected for 72 hours. 
Please be cautious because other user can take the vegetation after 72 hours. 
You can check the status of the planted vegetation on the Public Farm in the Public Farm Overview(Shift + J).
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