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ArcheWorld Pre-Package (edited 08.19)Event

2022-08-09 17:00

Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

We are offering pre-package that include convenience items and clothes that can be used after ArcheWorld's official launching.
Those who purchase this pre-package will be given BSLT as a bonus, which can be used at the time of the official launching, as much as the quantity purchased.
We appreciate your interest. 

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Sales period

  • Period : After August 11, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before August 25, 2022 Maintenance (2 Weeks)

Product Information

Category Detail
Name ArcheWorld Pre-Package
Price $50.00 (Tax excluded)
Quantity Total 5,000 will be sold (Max. 3 per account / Cannot be repurchased if you cancel)
Bind Type Non-tradable

Components of ArcheWorld Pre-Package

Item Name Quantity Detail
Special Costume Box 1 Acquire 1 out of a total of 46 Special Costumes.
(Main items: Bleak Burial Shroud / Blooming Spring Cow / Moon bear)
Anywhere Warehouse(90 Days) 1 Use Warehouse summoning Anywhere Warehouse
(Cooldown : 1 min)
Normal Costume Box 2 Acquire 1 out of a total of 98 Costumes or 1 item ouf of a total of 20 Theatrical Techniques.
BSLT 500 Bonus which will be paid directly to verified wallet in ArcheWorld account.


  • This product is limited to pre-order and will be sent to the xbluesalt website > Coupon Box after the official launching of ArcheWorld.
    Bonus of the purchase will be paid directly to your BSLT deposit through a verified wallet in your ArcheWorld account.
  • You can cencel the purchase before the Maintenance on September 1(Thu), 2022. Please check the notes on payment and cancellation before making a purchase since there may be cancellation and refund fees depending on the payment method.
  • After payment, time may be required for payment approval according to payment agencies' circumstances. Purchase cancellation is unavailable when you are waiting for payment approval.
  • The number of available purchases will remain consumed after purchase cancellation, and purchase is limited for consumed number of available purchases. 
  • Refund after purchase cancellation may take 5~10 working days depending on the payment method.
  • Sales period may end earlier than the schedule if all of prepared quantities are sold out.
  • Please contact us through Ticket on webpage or contact channels if you have any other inquiries regarding purchasing items.