New beginning



ArcheWorld Official Launching Schedule AnnouncementNotice

2022-08-19 14:30
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

The day when everyone will have a new start with ArcheWorld together!
We are happy to announce the Grand Opening schedule!

  • ArcheWorld Official Launch Date
        ○ September 1(Thu) at 15:00 (UTC+8)
          # Anyone can access to ArcheWorld after registering as a member and verifying wallet on our website.
  • tBORA ↔ BSLT Swap Page Launch on BORA PORTAL
        ○ August 29(Mon) at 15:00 (UTC+8)
          # The initial swap rate will be revealed when the Swap page is open.
             ☞ BORA PORTAL link
  • BSLT Token Issuance
        ○ Initial issuance has been started on August 10(Wed).
          # We plan to proceed issuance sequentially according to the distribution ratio and unlock schedule in the Whitepaper.
Distribution Group Quantity (BSLT) Proportion Wallet Address
Total 1,000,000,000 100%
50,000,000 5% 0x70a7bEf497C4EF53e8e55ED9121659Dd3ce8b7a5
150,000,000 15% 0xb23FcBCcc352Bb48A267d5181512436e8Bb46a34
Liquidity 100,000,000 10% 0x68703e503D6792512B4a6c64C4917894383de3A3
Ecosystem 100,000,000 10% 0x3D13C852F24013fc26dE5109658dC8B3cD498957
Treasury 150,000,000 15% 0x626C6ed7CfF2611EA3A3C17b7D8b21144AE57003
Reserve 100,000,000 10% 0x8F13376730aA706e94ab191B10F3A7F1439fEAf2
Partnership 150,000,000 15% 0xCdde50283D97aD3DcA3d9B3F1BD846706d5c3b0a
Team 200,000,000 20% 0x553872558511B4795cCF805972AE81608fD5Ad98

The large-scale promotional events to celebrate the official launch are being prepared along with the launch of the ArcheWorld.
We look forward to seeing you in ArcheWorld on September 1(Thu).

Thank you.