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Patch Note September 6, 2022Update

2022-09-06 10:40
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the temporary maintenance patch notes on September 6, 2022 below.

[Blue Salt Shop]

  • Lowered the price of Design items that can be purchased from Blue Salt Shop.


  • Changed the Leasing Authority Status of user-owned lots that have not yet been leased from private to public.

[Auction House

  • Minimum selling price for listing on Auction House has been adjusted from 5BSLT to 1BSLT.
  • 'Expansion Scroll' required for expanding bag and storage can now be listed on Auction House.
  • 15 types of Artisan's 4T weapons can no longer be listed on Auction House.


  • Now only players of 40Lv or over can chat in World channel and Shout channel.
  • Chat cooldown for World channel and Shout channel has been adjusted to 15 seconds.