New beginning



Pre-Announcement of Updates on September 15, 2022Notice

2022-09-14 17:30
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
We would like to inform you in advance about the updates on September 15, 2022. 

We are acknowledging that the higher the price of BSLT, the more difficult for new players to enter the game at the initial stage.
We proceed updates as below in order to improve this issue.

1. Added Beginner Pass
- A pass for all users that can be activated with 20 BSLT for basic / 30 BSLT for premium is added.
  TIP) An event with a special reward is on the way for those who completed the Beginner Pass. Please look forward to it! 
2. Adjusted system lot rent
- Rent for existing system lots is changed from 200% to 135% of the rent for user lots.
- Users who have already rented the system lot will receive a refund at maintenance next week.
3. Added withdrawal delay and changed the withdrawal limits
- After requesting for withdrawal, delay of about 24 to 25 hours will be added until the process is completed.
- Minimum withdrawal amount per once 1,000 -> 200 BSLT
- Maximum daily withdrawal amount 10,000 -> 2,000 BSLT
4. Increased the chance of obtaining Archeum Core
- The chance of obtaining Archeum Core from Haunted Chest is increased.

5. Decreased equipment durability reduction rate when hitting / getting hit.
- Reduced the durability reduction rate to 1/4 of the current level to alleviate the burden of repair costs.

ArcheWorld continuously considers how new players might join the game stably,
and we pledge to pay close attention to the valuable feedback of current players and implement changes as soon as possible.
Thank you