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Announcement Regarding Lot Rent Reduction and Dividend PaymentNotice

2022-09-28 18:30
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.
We are thoroughly revewing detailed data analysis and statistical indicators on the in-game status, and we would like to inform you about the plan to revitalize lot lease as a way to prioritize new player inflows and base expansion.
As you are all experiencing, we are recognizing that as the BSLT price rises, the rent of lots, which was set at a fixed price, has risen relatively, putting a burden on both the landlords and the tenants.
To fundamentally improve the system, we are preparing an update to add a function that allows landlords to set their own rent.
The mentioned function may take some time to be actually applied, since we are planning to update the function along with other convenience features such as '1) Automatic calculation of system lot rent according to NFT rental contract market price' and '2) Run lot management UI'.
We considered updating only the rent adjustment function in advance, but we have considered that it will be easier to use the function when it is updated along with 1), 2) functions as previously mentioned.
Please understand that we are preparing to update the functions as soon as possible.
If the current lot rental status is maintained, new players inflows and base expansion would be difficult and existing users who are using lots would also experience inconvenience.
Therefore, we plan to implement a total adjustment for rent according to lot size, and then introduce the adjustment function through future updates.
■ Rent Adjustment According to Lot Size [Applied on September 29(Thu) Update]
Rent Current Rent Adjusted Rent
Lot Size User-Owned Lot Rent System Lot Rent User-Owned Lot Rent System Lot Rent Reduction Rate
STANDARD 150 202.5 100 135 33.33%
MEDIUM 410 553.5 200 270 51.22%
LARGE 1080 1458.0 500 675 53.70%
EXTRA LARGE 2570 3469.5 1100 1485 57.20%
MEGA 6190 8356.5 2500 3375 59.61%
After Applying Rent Adjustment Function Min(50%) ~ Max(200%)
Lot Size User-Owned Lot Rent User-Owned Lot Rent Min Max
STANDARD 150 100 50 200
MEDIUM 410 200 100 400
LARGE 1080 500 250 1000
EXTRA LARGE 2570 1100 550 2200
MEGA 6190 2500 1250 5000
As the rent is lowered as a measure to revitalize lot lease, separate compensation will be provided to the landlords/tenants who meet the condition below.
■ Landlord:
- The difference in rent reduction will be paid once after the maintenance on September 29(Thu), based on the land ownership of snapshot taken on September 28(Wed) 16:30 ~ 16:50 (UTC+8).
(Those who have a record of directly contracting their own land before the update will be excluded from the rent compensation)
■ Tenant:
- The difference in rent reduction will be paid once after the maintenance on September 29(Thu), if the record of paying the rent for the same lot more than twice before the update on September 29(Thu).  
In addition, we would like to inform you about the dividend payment of system-owned lot.
■ System-owned Lot Dividend Payment
Dividend is designed to accumulate a certain percentage of the rent incurred during the current month's System Lot contract and redistributed to Land NFT holders.
- Dividend wallet address: 0x6305e10ed17333e9965cc380d73d293bee4470ed
- Accumulated dividend: 68,493 BSLT (based on the held on September 28 14:30 UTC+8)
- Payment standard of dividend for September: Differential distribution by size to Land NFT holders based on the accumulated amount until September 30(Fri) 23:00 (UTC+8)
- Date of holder snapshot: September 30(Fri) 23:00 ~ 23:20 (UTC+8)
- Date of dividend for Sept. payment: Sequential payment during the maintenance on October 6(Thu)
# The status of accumulated dividend can be checked by searching the wallet address on the ArcheWorld xBlueSalt

ArcheWorld Team will try our best to update the rent adjustment function as soon as possible. 
Thank you.