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Patch Note November 24, 2022Update

2022-11-24 11:00
Hello, this is ArcheWorld.

Please read the details of the scheduled maintenance patch notes on November 24, 2022 below.


Added Archeum Brazier Craft Event.
  • 'Archeum Brazier' can be installed in private lots, and up to 1,000,000 Archeum can be obtained by successful crafting.
  • 'Archeum Brazier' can be obtained by crafting at Multipurpose Workbench or Community Center Complex Workbench. (Limited-time)
          - 'Brazier' can be purchased from Seed and Sapling Merchant.


Now character combat level will be displayed in decimals.
  • Combat level displayed in character information window will be displayed in decimals.
  • Adjusted the chances of attack immune. Now immune will occur more frequently than before even to enemies with less difference in combat level.

Character will receive buff effect when equipping 4 or more parts of armors of same type(Cloth, Leather, Plate) that are in Heroic grade or higher.
  • Upon application of the buff, max health will be inreased according to the tier of entire armors.

Considering the armor buff mentioned above, the Attack of Ancestral Level monsters has increased.


Skillset Skill Modifications
Battlerage Reckless Charge Increased duration +1 sec
Increased efficiency of Received Physical Damage to -20%
Auramancy Health Lift Decreased the effect in all level 10%
Defense Shout of life Decreased the effect 10%

[Wound of the Rift]

Adjusted the time of buff effect applied after the boss monster appears.
  • If the buff effect is applied, the rift boss monster's ATK will also increase according to the level.

[Daily Contracts]

Adjusted the acceptable level for certain quests in 'ArchePass - Premium' and added monster elimination quests.

Decreased the quantity of monsters that must be defeated for completing 'Daily Contracts - Basics of Combat', and added Ancestral Level monster elimination quests.


Modified the Imprison skill effect for better visibility.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Improved the light scattering effect of certain walls in Black Swept-Roof Mansion.
  • Fixed the issue of Lucky Key crafting design being displayed in Magic Supplies Workbench.
  • Fixed the issue of monsters summoned by Rift boss NPC not attacking in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue of elimination of certain monsters in Sanddeep not affecting the Conflict level.
  • Fixed the issue of wells near Worldgates in certain regions being unable to be used.
  • Fixed the issue of Peace Zone deleted near Worldgates in certain regions.
  • Fixed the issue of skill level of 'Auramancy: Health Lift' being incorrect.
  • Modified the text highlights in certain skill tooltips.
  • Revised the translation errors in certain quests.